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Lincraft (Dog?) Bandana Competition Entry..

Have you heard about the fun competition Lincraft are running at the moment?..

Create a dog bandana using their easy video tutorial and submit on social media with #Lincrafters to be in the running to win a $50 gift card!

Who wouldn’t love a free $50 to spend on crafts!!

Anything involving pets and crafts has got my interest.. and not having a dog isn’t going to stop me!..

Here’s the video – Simple!

Now.. I’m still feeling resentment toward my glue gun from my last hot glue disaster, so I decided to make mine instead using fusible web (or hem tape as its commonly known).

I did a couple of extra folds to ensure all the raw edges were neatly tucked away.

The fabric I used was actually a quilting ‘flat fat’ (which worked out great for this project).

I love the geometric shape and bright colours of this fabric.

Here’s a quick look at how I did it.. 
..And how does it look when it’s all done?

(..and what did I do about the no dog situation?)

I’ll let Mittens answer that.. 

That’s my girl Mittens – Love her to bits!

Anything a dog can do, Mitta can do better!

..Wish me (and Mittens) luck!

Are you going to enter?!.. I’d love to see your creation..

Share a link in the comments below!

*(..I am already aware the grass needs mowing, sorry!)

(Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Lincraft or this competition, I just really like crafts and cats!)

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