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A Nutella Pastry Christmas Tree

For something a bit different today, I decided to get crafty in the kitchen!

This is very uncommon for me.. I don’t even own a rolling pin.. (I ended up using my brayer to roll out the pastry sheets!)..

I remembered seeing these tasty looking Nutella pastry Christmas trees all over social media a few months ago so thought i’d give it a try!..

Turns out I’m not too bad of a baker if I do say so myself..

Here’s the method I used from ‘All Recipes’

And here’s a quick instructional video:

Super easy right?..

Here’s my step by step process:
And the end result:

*NomNomNom*.. Yum!!

I’ll def be making more of these to take to Christmas parties (along with a side of cream and jam!)
What’s your favourite thing to bake for Christmas?.. Leave a comment below!


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